This section contains information specific to this state and its position on EVV and electronic documentation.

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging issued a bulletin on 11/23/2010 confirming their acceptance and encouragement of Telephony.  The language in this policy clarification bulletin replaced language in a previous bulletin, notably adding that the OLTL “strongly encourages telephony” instead of just “will accept telephony“.

The following is an excerpt from the Policy Clarification Bulletin:

Telephony Services

The OLTL accepts and strongly encourages telephony time and attendance system electronic records in place of participant-signed paper timesheets.  The OLTL requires that acceptable telephony systems:

  • Have the capability to schedule and modify worker hours and services
  • Allow a start time window (allow call-in within 5-15 minutes of scheduled time)
  • Allow an end time window (allow call-out within 5-15 minutes of scheduled time)
  • Provide real time notice of delayed service visits and missed visits
  • Use participant telephone number (provide justification if other than the land line)
  • Not be the phone of a paid staff worker
  • Use a toll-free number for calling in
  • Generate bills using data recorded from the telephony system
  • Are secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Allow for alternate time verification arrangements when services are rendered outside the home

Agencies must have a protocol in place for making edits to electronic time sheets that includes making contact with the participant and the worker.

Telephony time & attendance electronic records are accepted by the Commonwealth as documentation of services rendered in support of claims for Medicaid reimbursement under OLTL Waivers.  Substantiation or backup of telephony time & attendance records with paper timesheets is not required.

Link: The complete Office of Long-Term Living Policy Clarification Bulletin Number 05-10-8, 51-10-8, 55-10-8, 59-10-8, Effective 11/23/2010.

If you have information that is more recent than what you see posted here for this state, please comment below.  If we need more information, we will contact you at the email address you have provided.


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