Home Care Recipients

Home care recipients receiving services from agencies using Electronic Visit Verification which is integrated with their scheduling and billing system receive significant benefits.  Visit staff are able to effectively record their time and attendance, tasks, and services provided using the system they are familiar with.

These services and visit times are compared against the care or service plan and the agency can respond to service discrepancies in near real time.  Because home care agencies are able to better serve recipients by using back-office software with integrated EVV capabilities, the current trend in home healthcare is to move away from weekly time sheet documentation and require that each patient encounter be recorded and verified electronically, at the time the service is provided.

Once home care agencies educate recipients to the benefits of using electronic documentation, acceptance is positive.   Often times, providers will have recipients sign off on an informational document that explains the benefits of EVV, how it works, and grant permission to use EVV, similar to this example of using Telephony with Sansio HomeSolutions.NET:

To enhance and improve the quality of care for our patients, and to further avail itself of the efficiencies and greater productivity provided through the use of electronic transactions as allowed by the State, our Home Care agency is utilizing a telephony-based electronic clinical documentation system that works with our HomeSolutions.NET scheduling, billing, and patient management software.

With your permission, as evidenced by your signature below, our clinician will utilize your home telephone to call a toll free number to alert the electronic system that a visit has started with you.  At the conclusion of the visit a second call will be made to that toll free number to end the visit and document other activities associated with your service.

Through identification of your unique home telephone number, this process allows us to verify that the visit was performed at your home and for the duration spanned by the two calls.  It also electronically submits this visit information into our HomeSolutions.NET software so we can respond quickly to any service alerts or discrepancies.

We thank you in advance for your permission to utilize this highly efficient system documenting the visit, its duration, and your receipt of services through use of your telephone.

Join the Conversation!  Comments in this section should be focused on the perspective of the Home Care Receipient as it relates to EVV.

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