Telephony Solutions

The following is a listing of home care and hospice Telephony solutions which include full-featured, telephone-based electronic documentation methods for point of care data collection that support EVV.  These organizations support the EVV Workgroup’s mission to define and promote a free market, standards-based approach to EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) in home care and hospice.

If you are a Telephony vendor who provides electronic documentation methods that meet EVV standards and you would like to support the mission, please comment to us.



CareWatch is a telephony based visit management system that collects payroll data, billing data, & complete documentation from your paraprofessional staff.  The CareWatch system integrated with over 20 back-office EMR software systems to provide a full-featured telephony solution.


Dial-N-Document® provides state of the art time and attendance, data collection and communication needs for field staff and supports hundreds of thousands of healthcare documentation calls monthly.  The Dial-N-Document Telephony system interfaces with many other software systems which perform billing, payroll, and scheduling functions to provide a full-featured telephony solution.

  1. Don O'Rourke
    March 15, 2011 at 5:15 pm

    Dial-N-Document has joined other vendors and stakeholders in a mutual effort to bring this workgroup together. All involved have been motivated to improve the state of the industry we serve. Creating industry standards for EVV will benefit all involved, including payers, home care agencies, home care recipients, home care EMR software vendors, as well as companies that specialize in providing EVV systems. Coupling standards that payers can readily adopt with the power of the free and open market will substantially benefit all involved with home care and hospice. My company strongly encourages all vested parties to join the group, aggressively work to refine the standards and help us achieve our mission and purpose

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